FDSI's years of experience in supporting sportsbook operations has been of the charts, with the help from Third parties of sportsbook provider, FDSI clients can now be part of the great gaming system our company is established, with our provider, which provide services to 400+ sportbook maker in 30+ world-wide, that ensure to experience the high quality of product with full-filled knowledges with following advantages:

  • Multiple gaming formats.
  • Complete selection of major leagues and bet types.
  • Various sports games are provided like Free Match, Live Betting Solution, Contents Solution, Match Tracker and so on.
  • Utilizes the convenient Universal Multi Platform System (UMPS).
  • High quality 3D graphics, advanced AI and regular data update.
  • Customized Solution provided for Risk Management with increasing the incomes.
  • Flexibility that allows addition of new markets to meet operator’s requirements.

Our Sportsbooks is available for integration for web, iOS, Android, and other major platforms. The available features of Sportsbooks are constantly being reviewed to make room for improvements to better meet the needs of both operators and players. Part of the Sportsbooks system FDSI offers is a results and statistical application that serves to enhance the overall sports betting experience of players.