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White Label Solution

"MANAGEMENT, COMPLIANCE JURISDICTION, LICENSING, AND PAYMENTS. CAN WE START ASSISTING YOU?" Starting an online casino can get complicated but with FDSI’s white label solution, getting your business off the ground can be simplified. With FDSI’s white label solution, new business owners can easily go to market in just a matter of weeks and operate under an existing license.

By operating under FDSI’s license, you need not put yourself through the tedious process of applying for your own. With our technical and operational know-how, setting up your online gaming business has never been quicker, easier, and more cost-effective. Advantages of FDSI’s white label solution:

  • Customization website solution.
  • Top of safety solution with stable server supply.
  • Multiple currency and language setups.
  • Segmentalized operating tool for management of users.
  • Freedom in content selection – Live Casino, Sportsbooks, Slots, Poker, and other more games.